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About us

We are the leading pioneer in the field of D.G. Sets and generators who are based in South Delhi. We are premier dealers and suppliers in the field of the generators and D.G sets, providing all kinds of services related to generators and D.G. Sets. We sell Diesel Generating sets, Industrial Engines, Heavy Generators and also provide on rent the same.

Our generators can be made into use for both industrial and household purposes. Our vision is to provide quality service with highest efficiency to our clients so our focus is to provide sound proof generator, silent type of 5KVA to 1250 KVA overhauling which comply with the most stringent norms. We also repair all kind of generators and D.G. Sets and deliver the product in minimum possible time. We deal with all kind of services related to generators like we give generators on rent, on hire. We are the leading Generator Sets dealers in Delhi providing our clients with every kind of service related to generators.

We maintain excellent interpersonal relationships with our clients and always strive hard to transform their dreams and aspirations into reality.


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